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Love and Life in the Cameroonian Dating Scene

Cameroon is a place that should definitely go on your bucket list. It has gorgeous beaches, mouthwatering food and a diverse culture with more than 250 distinct ethnic groups. You can have the time of your life taking in the sights, sounds and scents, but you also want to meet Cameroonian women. Here are some quick pointers on making connections in this west-central African nation


Big City Adventure and Romance

Cameroon has a couple of major urban centers — Douala and the capital city Yaoundé. Both boast populations of over one million people. Naturally, you’ll encounter people in both places who are educated, cultured and want the most out of life. Many Cameroonians speak French, but some are also fluent in English plus their native African languages.


Cameroonian women retain their tribal affiliations, despite living in large cities. If you try to learn a little about your date’s tribe and culture, that’s a step in the right direction. Women from Cameroon are also known for their sense of humor and zest for life. Relationship and dating norms skew a bit toward the traditional. You’ll want to be clear about your interest, but not overly pushy.


Seizing the Day

Meeting Cameroonian women can be an adventure. Whether you hit one of Douala’s many nightclubs or choose a museum day date in Yaoundé, you and your companion will have plenty to talk about and discover together.

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27 Yaoundé, Centre, Cameroon
Seeking: Male 30 - 56
I am interested in alot of things. One of my main interests are learning, and teaching. I love to learn new things, whether it is a cultural background, the best ways to treat other people, how to improve myself educationally, or even ways to make healthy food. I really enjoy browsing through the internet for research, but I am a dancer as well. Understanding how different people are is very important to me. I do not want to judge people just because they have flaws, because we all have our flaws. However I do believe it is important to change our flaws as soon as we are aware of them. Not that we have to strive every day to be "flawless", but rather do what we can to the best "us". I really like people who talk with you, instead of against you. If you share an idea with your friend, and they encourage you, that is a friend worth keeping close. But if you have a friend you share your secret with, and they turn you down, most people will think "okey, this friend I will step away from, and the day I succeed, he will get nothing from me". This is not what I believe. If my friend don't believe in me, I will still succeed, and he will still be rewarded. However I believe it is okey to not spend too much time with these people who call themselves "realistic", but in real life they are just negative. I believe every dream can be achieved if you invest in it. I love to be romantic, and I like to have candle lit dinners, having a hot bath together, and snuggling up in bed together with a good movie. And as well I believe it is important to be honest. I would say in any relationship there are many things that are important. For most people, including me, it is important that both personality and looks are in place, and that is what is so beautiful! Because there are so many different looking people, and so many different personalities. For me it is not enough that a person is handsome, but nothing more. And the other way around: it is not enough to be very smart, intelligent and funny, if there is no sexual attraction. So please understand, and "talk with me and not against me". I am interested in finding a guy that is both handsome and intelligent. And by intelligent I don't mean a scientist or mathematical genius. But someone who is capable of communicating, and saying What they want and need, without being rude or disrespectful. Someone who respects themselves and others. Someone who likes to evolve and grow. If you know your partner is really attracted to you, it will make the relationship that much stronger. I want my man to know I really like him, both physically and mentally. The people who say personality is What matters, don’t really know How a relationship works. What would you prefer: : A woman who is attracted to your personality but disgusted by you sexually? : A woman who is attracted to both your personality and cuteness 😍.
29 Buea, South-West, Cameroon
Seeking: Male 30 - 55