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61 Helsinki, Southern Finland, Finland
Seeking: Female 38 - 55
61 Helsinki, Southern Finland, Finland
Seeking: Female 35 - 50
Like to meet different peoples from different culture. Have been travelling all continents. 87 countries so far. Have also been living in several Countries. (Since i was 16 , moved abroad to live). I moved back to live in Finland 2018. So i really know how it looks abroad. Still travelling a lot because of my work. That's why i am here. Too busy to have normal social life to meet people face to face. But soon i will have time. With or without you. Be sure. I am not desperate or will rush to meet someone. But it would be nice to find someone to share things with. I have excellent knowledge of cross-cultural understanding. Every culture is different and so it must be. Therefore, it makes the challenges between two different cultures people relationship. If you survive it, then you will survive just about anywhere. Not everyone can do it. Think what i am saying before contacting me. I am very curious and humorous person. Speak and write many languages fluent. I love different type of food and like cooking also very much. I like many things to do, hope you too? I love to make house work and keep things organized and very clean. My home is always fresh and shining. If you really are 100% sincere, and are contacting me, prepare carefully in advance and be ready, i will ask you all possible things about you and from your past life, of your habits etc... before you get my direct personal contact details. I hope you do the same? Now we are "dealing" very serious things to say. I am not expecting "perfect match" here, it does not exist. I am not a dreamer. But I like challenges. Too many fake peoples here. I am not playing any games here or starting to send any money, TV, fridge or Cellular overseas by your request. Fortune hunters, please don't waste my time. (My profile picture taken 15 years ago, sorry. Will download new one soon).
39 Espoo, Southern Finland, Finland
Seeking: Female
For example, I have grown in religious environment, but afterwards I’ve learned religions are man made and only to control people by fear. It's also dividing people so definitively not my thing. Straight after that I have to say that I know God/Master creator/source, living inside me actually which makes me God (with little g) as in creation story in Bible is told when God created man and woman his/her own image. I am co-creators with God. We are not going to make Jesus as my savior, he didn't want that (you are your own savior so it's best to live grateful of everything and exercise self-empowerment (I do it by my daily mantra saying"I am amazing, I am brilliant spark of light - I am joy, I am peace, I am love - I am sovereign, I am God!\" )), in 5D and higher (called ascension too) 🌻 so no one is going to save us but ourselves, there's no external savior. Current Bible has been edited by evil guys to take away our self-empowerment but the original Bible with 777 books is coming for everyone to read again 🙏🤩 \NI have been manifesting my dreams and one would be having my own house at countryside and living there with my adorable sweethearts 😍 I'd like to spend those dark evenings in candle light with some lovely girls close to each other 💕 \NI'm also into tantra and 90% of relationships are polyamorous there. \NI've learned that after all things is energy and we're here for experiences ✨ so I'm not looking for anything serious here, thanks for innerstanding 😘
33 Brändö, Åland, Finland
Seeking: 21 - 42
35 Helsinki, Southern Finland, Finland
Seeking: Female 18 - 45
49 Turku, Western Finland, Finland
Seeking: Female 24 - 30
43 Helsinki, Southern Finland, Finland
Seeking: Female
48 Kuopio, Eastern Finland, Finland
Seeking: Female 23 - 32
38 Helsinki, Southern Finland, Finland
Seeking: Female
38 Porvoo, Southern Finland, Finland
Seeking: Female 18 - 35