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35 Douala, Littoral, Cameroon
Seeking: Male 26 - 49
J suis origin nigériane mais j suis née et habit au cameroun. Je suis honnete sincere comprehensive gentile simple douce drôle, social, ouvert sportive supportive tres chretien.S'il m'aime et l'aime aussi de tout mon cœur. j'aime voyager, danser, écouter de la musique, faire du shopping, être sexy et élégante, avoir une belle vie.j'ai besoin d'un bon homme blanc qui veut vraiment s'installer avec moi et fonder une famille et m'aimer naturellement comme je suis pour de vrai. Et aussi partager les mêmes valeurs que moi. La relation n'est pas seulement une question de sexe, c'est une question de communication, de compréhension, d'écoute de votre partenaire et de confiance. j'ai besoin du véritable amour et d'un homme bon qui est prêt à prendre soin de sa femme même sa femme ne lui demande toujours rien l'homme l'aime toujours et prend bien soin d'elle de tout son cœur, peu importe quand il sait qu'il a une bonne dame dans sa vie pour la rendre heureuse pour de vrai. si un homme demande nue sur camera il perdre son temps parceque j suis pas comme ca.j suis tres chretien.j ne fait pas un homme aparti de 51ans jusqua 100 ans ca m interes pas meme si il m ecrit.cest pour perdre Le temps.j n va pas ecrit, I'm a nigerian lady, born and live in cameroon.im someone honest caring kind funny simple, social,responsible sportive understanding supportive open minded and very christian in life.im a christian. i like to travel, dance, music, shopping,being sexy and elegant, have good life.i need a good white man who really wants to settle down with me and make a family and love me naturally the way I am for real. And also share the same values like me. Relationship is not only about sex ,is about communication, understanding, being attentive to your partner and trust. i need true love and a good man who is willing to take care of his woman even his lady doesn't still ask anything from him the man still love and take good care of her from all his heart no matter what when he knows he has a good lady in his life to make her happy for real. If he loves me i love him back too with all my heart.take note on that.please please I don't need a man from 51yrs yrs to 100 yrs old.im not interested to write to them.those ages are not my choice.if they do write to me is a waste of time.I don't do such things
26 Douala, Littoral, Cameroon
Seeking: Male 28 - 40
Small in size, very thin, and stylish, a little shy, unique in my kind, full of love, creative because I am ISP of drawing, music, hair, poetry, I am screenwriter, I sui romanque c to d I write my own novel, In short I love to create by myself and work to support my every whim. I love the good things of life but I remain someone very simple and natural , I work hard 7 days /7 to be able to offer me THE life I am wandling, I sui independant, I find myself asking, depending on my man unless I am really blocking in an emergency....it is my little fault hubris...but I reassure you I know I love I am a real passionate and I find pleasure a give that to receive... You will discover it by yourself even if you are lucky enough to be together. I know what my means can mob it is for her that I pass the feelings before the money when you are poor or rich, old or young, beautiful or ugly, I am mad at all these details if you are able to make my happiness, drive me up to heaven, reguard my womb, wow me with love and attention, link your life, your heart and your soul to mine, do not hesitate to write me, you are probably my love so much looking for who knows. .I attach a particular value to respect for others, to know how to live, and to human life, and especially to Love and the Family. Jai my style to me, I love tattoos, I love dark colors especially jai black a gotic soul I believe. I am looking for a guy who will have me as I am , who will not try pa to make me change but who will support me in my projects and who will love me for myself . I love the children, the elderly because THEY are of an unparalleling sweetness . I love foreign cultures so I learn quickly. My greatest fear would be that of dying without children, without knowing the amou r I wait FOR the Love of my reves.prete to give it all so blessed it steals me my heart ... NB: Joke abstain you I don't have time to waste, don't ask me for a naked photo because I'm not a putt..I'm not a profitable..avoid me. Contact if you are not serious...I don't support the lack of respect



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