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44 Yaoundé, Centre, Cameroon
Seeking: Male 38 - 48
I am a gregarious individual who enjoys the company of like-minded people, works hard as a Consultant (strategy) in Nigeria - Africa's opportunity frontier (it’s better than most people make it out to seem), very cosmopolitan with a few cities up my sleeve and looking to go on a journey, with you? Perhaps? I am active but love to sleep / talkative but a good listener / sociable but a quiet professional / conservative but flamboyant / charismatic but cerebral / cautious but a calculated risk taker / complex but simple / extroverted but introspective / love to smile but sometimes frown / neat and orderly but sometimes messy / love modernity but prefer antiquity / spontaneous but prefer a good plan / love video games but prefer a good game of chess / love the city but prefer the country / love movies but prefer a good book / a "lone wolf" but enjoy good company / love the sciences but prefer the arts / love good food but not a big eater/ a realist but a big dreamer / a consumate historian but love current events / focused on the future... But never at the expense of the present :o) INTERESTS: International affairs, geopolitics/globalization, Social Media, reading, writing, languages, international work/travel, volunteering, advocacy, listening to jazz & other music, wine tasting, the deserts-seas-mountains, football/tennis, and most important of all, family... Other ME facts: 5'6, brown-eyed, black haired, multilingual (french, swahili, pidgin english, lingua) with curves in the right places- yes curves and a bit more – what’s it they say about beauty, the eyes and the beholder again? Hehehe… I'm a very independent, straight-talking, one-man woman... I'm also a bit of a maverick and have no hesitation in speaking my mind, as you may have noticed! I enjoy socializing, cinema, bowling, starting projects, implementing ideas, running businesses, failing and starting all over again, and occasionally (white) wining, dining and nights (and days!) of passion :-), but I'm also quite happy being 'one of the lads' with watching a game of football - (13 year Chelsea fan. Lifetime Indomitable Lions fanatic. hello?! :D) Pastimes include writing (I have some hilarious notes !), reading, debating, speaking in front of a crowd of people and goofing with friends... I'm a bit of an adrenalin junkie and aventuriere- done some bungee jumping & climbed to the summit of Africa's highest mountain - Yup! If there's anything else you want to know, come and ask.. Contrary to the impression the profile gives I'm usually a pretty friendly feline :-) NOTE: I would love to add you on whatsapp or to chat on skype or to 'take it out of here', but I will only do so if & when I am comfortable. I am a errr...... progressive person. :D :)