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44 Yaoundé, Centre, Cameroon
Seeking: Male 38 - 48
I am a gregarious individual who enjoys the company of like-minded people, works hard as a Consultant (strategy) in Nigeria - Africa's opportunity frontier (it’s better than most people make it out to seem), very cosmopolitan with a few cities up my sleeve and looking to go on a journey, with you? Perhaps? I am active but love to sleep / talkative but a good listener / sociable but a quiet professional / conservative but flamboyant / charismatic but cerebral / cautious but a calculated risk taker / complex but simple / extroverted but introspective / love to smile but sometimes frown / neat and orderly but sometimes messy / love modernity but prefer antiquity / spontaneous but prefer a good plan / love video games but prefer a good game of chess / love the city but prefer the country / love movies but prefer a good book / a "lone wolf" but enjoy good company / love the sciences but prefer the arts / love good food but not a big eater/ a realist but a big dreamer / a consumate historian but love current events / focused on the future... But never at the expense of the present :o) INTERESTS: International affairs, geopolitics/globalization, Social Media, reading, writing, languages, international work/travel, volunteering, advocacy, listening to jazz & other music, wine tasting, the deserts-seas-mountains, football/tennis, and most important of all, family... Other ME facts: 5'6, brown-eyed, black haired, multilingual (french, swahili, pidgin english, lingua) with curves in the right places- yes curves and a bit more – what’s it they say about beauty, the eyes and the beholder again? Hehehe… I'm a very independent, straight-talking, one-man woman... I'm also a bit of a maverick and have no hesitation in speaking my mind, as you may have noticed! I enjoy socializing, cinema, bowling, starting projects, implementing ideas, running businesses, failing and starting all over again, and occasionally (white) wining, dining and nights (and days!) of passion :-), but I'm also quite happy being 'one of the lads' with watching a game of football - (13 year Chelsea fan. Lifetime Indomitable Lions fanatic. hello?! :D) Pastimes include writing (I have some hilarious notes !), reading, debating, speaking in front of a crowd of people and goofing with friends... I'm a bit of an adrenalin junkie and aventuriere- done some bungee jumping & climbed to the summit of Africa's highest mountain - Yup! If there's anything else you want to know, come and ask.. Contrary to the impression the profile gives I'm usually a pretty friendly feline :-) NOTE: I would love to add you on whatsapp or to chat on skype or to 'take it out of here', but I will only do so if & when I am comfortable. I am a errr...... progressive person. :D :)
30 Yaoundé, Centre, Cameroon
Seeking: Male 33 - 60
44 Yaoundé, Centre, Cameroon
Seeking: Male 50 - 70
52 Yaoundé, Centre, Cameroon
Seeking: Male 58 - 67
Hello.I am a courageous woman joyful attentive that can take care of a man.teacher by training,mom of two major children who are gently their lives.divorced soon since 8 years.I now wish to enjoy life with a smile and small simple things.meet someone with who write the new pages of my ultimate couple life,YES,the book is brand new and the white pages,to us to put the color with a love chocolate. My Man,I want the 50 sounded,Caucasian white because I do not want more of man of my country,because I am at a point in my life where I need to explore new horizons and know a man of different culture with the head on the shoulders.I believe especially in the wealth that can unbelievable mixed couples.someone of sweet and affectionate,frank and sincere, and which would go to see me in Cameroon if we love well,just as much as I can travel without any problem if it wishes to invite me,(i would not take the boats of fortune for cross the Mediterranean,or go by Libya to fail on a Italian island)(laugh)A Little Humor,even if it is a situation that I deplore. I have a passport of service that allows me to have the Schengen visa by my status as an employee of the public service.Moreover,y has a few months,I was on mission in France.has my age,there is more time to lose.Who Would Be Tried why not to install in Africa for his old days.Everything Is Possible.I do not want to have to epistolary exchanges during the long months behind a screen,once it is PLU,must meet because that love has need to touch,stroking and other things.Internet is a jungle with a lot of waste but need to know to do the sorting,we do not find the soul sister in wary systematically with all the world and or by turning the inches in his sofa.I,I am full honest and sincere And I have nothing to hide.The Chance,if it exists, it must be the cause.For my hand,I have nothing to hide and I am not here to have fun,who loves me behind me earlier that I do aims because at the top of my heart,y has a lot of love to receive,to thee to pick my nice Prince



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