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"Thank you AfroIntroductions!"

I met a wonderful woman in Dubai and we are getting to know each other and we are VERY Happy thank you AfroIntroductions without this site I would have not met her.


"Thank you AfroIntroductions!"

On July 22/12 I reconnected with a man whom I became acquainted with about two years ago. I am from canada and he is from Spain. Two years back I was not interested in an overseas relationship and turned him down. This time around on July 22/12 he contacted me again and I decided to to give him a chance. Three months later in October/12 I travelled to Spain for a week to meet him. We had a wonderful but very short visit and I came back to Canada ready to marry this man whom I believe is my soulmate. We are madly in love with each other. On November 17/12 we are meeting in Copenhagen to be married on Nov 21/12.

He is a good man good heart and he is not perfect but God could not have send me someone more perfect just for me. I love him with all my heart and would do anything for hm just like he would do anything for me.

We have immigration to deal with once I get back to Canada but I know that God will help us every step of the way. I am travelling back to Spain in April/13 for three weeks to spend time with my husband.

I have spent over six years on and off online dating hoping that one day I would meet my soulmate and it finally happened. Don't ever give up if you believe in your heart that God has someone perfect for you out there some where. God works in mysterious and wonderful ways and quite often his plans and not the same as our plans.


"Thank you AfroIntroductions!"

i thanks your website. i found my life partner from AfroIntroductions. Thank you very much your help.


"Thank you AfroIntroductions!"

Hello Afro Team,

Thank you for your site- as a result I found my best friend, my soul mate and my soon to be husband-Romeo your compatibility profiling was 100% accurate. God bless. Karol


"Thank you AfroIntroductions!"

I thanks for this site couse i get a guy who i want and we will marry next september, but now we are in love and i would like to say thanks for this site.

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